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Ongoing projects

Development of the quays on the right bank of the Sambre

Using the ERDF funds for 2007-2013, the quays on the left bank of the Sambre were remodelled to integrate the aquatic element in the urban landscape of the city centre. The transformation of the quays on the right bank, expected within the 2014-2020 envelope, will naturally follow this same dynamic of reconnection from now on, completing the renovations already started in Charleroi Lower Town. This is about offering a high quality public space easily accessible to gentle forms of transport. The space created as a result will be for public use.

The Autonomous Port of Charleroi is overseeing the revamp of the area along the Sambre and will also manage the study contracts regarding the developments of the station esplanade, with a view to considering a homogeneous reconfiguration of these immediately adjacent spaces.

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