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The port and the environment

The Autonomous Port of Charleroi is an indispensable player in the preservation of the environment.

Firstly, via its core business: every day it promotes the use of rail and waterway for goods transport and removes thousands of trucks from the roads. The boat is affirmed as the mode of goods transport that best addresses current concerns: saving energy and safeguarding nature. A barge measuring 80m x 9.5m x 2.5m, transporting 1,350 tonnes of goods, traverses the urban landscape without causing inhabitants the slightest nuisance, while the same load distributed across 65 20-tonne trucks, travelling 50 metres apart, would form a 3.5km convoy!

Secondly, because the Port of Charleroi's land is teeming with privileged places for the development of biodiversity: embankments, wetlands, verges, former tips, and developed spaces, maintained or simply preserved in a way that will promote the presence of rich and perennial nature on the port land.

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