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Objectives / Tasks

The Autonomous Port of Charleroi has been tasked by the Walloon Region to help develop economic activities linked to the waterway and therefore create jobs.

Its role is to promote intermodality by making optimum use of all the port sites located along the waterway by granting concessions on them to businesses. It must develop, equip, manage and run the land entrusted to it.

The Autonomous Port of Charleroi is making investments to improve its infrastructures. Between 2015 and 2020, 5 million euros in regional subsidies and close to 14 million in European subsidies (ERDF) will have been invested in developing the land. In addition, 5 million euros in regional subsidies should be invested for the period 2020-2025.

The concessions are granted as a matter of priority to businesses linked to the waterway and to logistics. Prospective concessionaires also have the possibility of asking for an option on a plot of land. This option assures the candidate a priority in the event of a competitive procedure.

In 2018, at PAC level, the waterway predominantly transported minerals and building materials (57%) and metallurgical products (19%)

The autonomous Port also has a stake in companie SEDISOL.

SEDISOL is a treatment and recycling centre for products of dredging. PAC’s shareholding is 25% (SPAQuE 25% - Ecoterres 50%). The centre has a treatment capacity of more than 300,000 tonnes a year! This capacity is unique in Europe, making SEDISOL an important player in the treatment of products of dredging.

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