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Progress report on European dossiers (ERDF)

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is used to strengthen economic and social cohesion within the European Union, by correcting the imbalances between its regions. The port of Charleroi is in charge of monitoring two projects in this programme.


Marchienne-au-Pont – Access to economic hub – Development of wetlands

The aim of the project is to open up an economic hub and to develop the wetlands by building a bridge, roads and quays.

The construction of this bridge and the access road is essential to developing the space reclaimed from former wasteland. These infrastructures will mean that the cartage generated by the development of economic activity will not overburden an already dense local network.

The project began in January 2019 with a study phase. Development will begin in August 2019. The works are expected to last 600 calendar days.

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Redevelopment of public spaces along the waterway

The project aims to transform the quays of the Sambre into a high quality public space that is easily accessible to gentle forms of transport. It will complete the renovations started in the Lower Town.

The project will help to improve the appeal of the city, develop sustainable mobility, reinforce Charleroi as a major urban hub, develop economic activity by attracting new shops and investments, and improve the layout of the City (the site being one of the main entrances and crossing points for all commuters).

The designated author of the project is the joint venture ARCADIS/Dessin & Construction. The project study is in its final phase and works are planned for 2020.

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